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My name is Heinrich よしお (Yoshio) Arnold. I was born and raised in Greenville, North Carolina, and am currently residing and operating across the state in the charming mountains of Asheville.


I've been enamored of creating things for as long as I can remember—whether it was the shoddy concept art my adolescent mind dreamed up for video games that would only ever exist in my mind, or the more recent work I’ve helped conjure up for Æther Realm and clients such as The Game Awards.

I would say that my love for music (and really, audio) was a flame ignited by the spark of the countless awe-inspiring melodies, soundscapes, and crazy noises I encountered growing up playing video games by the likes of Final Fantasy VII. I suppose all of the music lessons and stellar records my parents kept in rotation probably had something to do with this, as well.

It wasn’t too long before the visual arts found their way into my scope. I took drawing lessons throughout middle school and eventually got my first computer, wherein I kind of just dipped my toes into whatever creation tools I could manage to get my hands on. Fast forward to now, where I find something calming about staying up into the wee hours of the night testing out light sequences and editing graphics to place into—you guessed it—this site!

At the end of the day, I really just enjoy design as an art in and of itself. I find that there is a certain sense of tranquility that good design can bring about any given object or space, whether sonic or visual.


2015 - University of North Carolina at Asheville
Computer Science & New Media

2012 - Berklee College of Music
Music Production & Electronic Music

2009 - East Carolina University
Computer Science


2018 - Music featured on The Game Awards 2018 promo

2018 - Æther Realm signs to Napalm Records

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