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aether realm tarot album art by kola hari


Tarot (2017)


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  • guitar tracking / quantizing

  • guitar solos

  • sound design

  • composition


Æther Realm’s sophomore album was nothing short of a journey to create. Jake had a lot of the initial ideas for Tarot brewing around the time we were finishing up our previous work. Once the album started to take more form, the mystical concept and theme of having each song based around a different tarot card was set in stone.

I tracked the majority of the guitars for this release in my bedroom after realizing that there was no way I was possibly going to finish learning (not to mention recording) all of the meticulous riffs and leads in the studio time short of a week that we had booked. As per One Chosen By The Gods, my original contributions have been sprinkled here and there throughout the album, with the bulk of my work being translating the chord progressions and melodies that Jake came up with into parts (riffs/solos) more suitable for the electric guitar.

While I’m equally proud and traumatized by the amount of time I spent locked in my room sculpting the guitars and atmospheric elements of this album, Tarot would not be the experience that it is without some other stellar individuals. Tyler successfully blasted out all of the thunderous drums in just a few studio sessions as well as helping guide the overall aesthetic. Donny wrote some of the most memorable solos and dreamy acoustic riffs I’ve ever heard, and is the sole reason I can say that I play in a metal band featuring a flamenco passage. We owe it to Wilderun’s very own Dan Müller for the lush cinematic vibe you can encounter throughout. Philip Reed and his angelic choir did wonders in breathing that extra life into select sections featuring clean vocals.

The Magician was intended to be a part of Tarot; however, we simply had too much material to fit on a single disc and not nearly enough to warrant a double-sided CD, so we decided to keep it as our debut single from the record. Check it out, it’s a BANGER!

Mixed and mastered by the one and only Kile Odell. Special thanks to Rob & crew of Bloodstone Studios for helping us get the ball rolling on tracking.
Much love to each and every one of the wonderful donors of our IndieGoGo campaign that have made this album a reality sooner than later!

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