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2018 Promotional Video


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  • sound design

  • composition & arrangement

  • mixing

  • sound effects


I had the pleasure of being recruited for this project by one of my long-time friends, Peter Clark. You may be familiar with the beautiful hummingbird of his that found its way onto the cover of Bassnectar’s Timestretch EP. Nevertheless, this project is ultimately representative of dipping my toes into the world of designing sounds meant to accompany a visual, and moreover, was a ton of fun to work on.

The intended vibe draws heavily from the future-retro aesthetic and sonic characteristics of the synthwave genre (referencing musical artists by the likes of Carpenter Brut and Perturbator). The goal was to take the viewer on a journey through different cybernetic and dystopian realms woven together by digital portals. To accomplish this, the composition was carried out keeping both gritty and glitchy textures in mind, with ethereal soundscapes revealing themselves amidst the portal sequences.

All sounds in this piece were designed by myself, save for the drum samples that I sourced through Splice as well as select sound effects that were inspired by Peter’s own sound design. Melodic synthesis was carried out using software instruments including Serum, Absynth, Massive, and Operator. Other melodic content was realized using various Kontakt libraries. The glitchy sound effects were generated, exported, and mangled from the noise channel of Famitracker, a piece of audio software replicating the soundcards of the old school Nintendo Entertainment System.

For more information on the creative process, check out Peter’s process book.


Direction: Peter Clark
Animation: Chase Hochstatter, Min-Shi, Peter Clark
Notch FX: Cody Samson
Sound: Heinrich Arnold
Model & Makeup: Haley Varacallo
Mastering: Brian Hazard
Special Thanks: All Of It Now

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